A Type - High Strength Cable Grips

Features and benefits

  • Double-weave construction
  • Colour coded for ease of identification
  • Protective shoulders to prevent abrasion
  • Suitable for bare or insulated conductors
  • Flexible eye compatible with Line swivels

The strongest grip we produce; can be used for metal wire and synthetic rope pulls. Perfect for overhead transmission and distribution line pulling or any applications with heavy load ratings, e.g. gas, electric railroad, rigging lines and construction pulls.

When pulling synthetic rope use a Slingco Feed Tube to make rope insertion a breeze. To avoid the effects of torsion a line pulling swivel that rotates under load should be used. Galvanized Steel and color coded for ease of identification.

High strength A-Type grips recommended when pulling guy or static wire.

A Type High Strength Cable Grip drawing
Slingco Part No. Color Code Rope Diameter (ins) Conductor Diameter (ins) Overall Length (ins) Lattice Length (ins) Approx. Break Load (lbs)
ZCS1799Black0.25 - 0.650.19 - 0.4038287,000
ZCS3020Purple0.30 - 0.400.25 - 0.40423010,000
ZCS1800Dark Green0.50 - 0.900.38 - 0.63513714,000
ZCS3522Grey0.44 - 0.900.44 - 0.631109720,000
ZCS1801Red0.75 - 1.100.63 - 0.88745820,000
ZCS5543Brown0.75 - 1.100.63 - 0.88816230,700
ZCS1802Blue1.00 - 1.500.88 - 1.13806130,700
ZCS1803Yellow1.25 - 1.701.13 - 1.381129047,000
ZCS1804Aluminum1.50 - 2.101.38 - 1.901199267,000
ZCS6712-2.00 - 2.60109.2510070,528
ZCS7852-2.50 - 3.00109.2510070,528

A note about dimensions and tolerances

Slingco Part No. Color Code Rope Diameter (mm) Conductor Diameter (mm) Overall Length (mm) Lattice Length (mm) Approx Break Load (kg)
ZCS1799Black6 - 165 - 109657103,180
ZCS3020Purple7.5 - 106 - 101,0677604,530
ZCS1800Dark Green13 - 239.7 - 161,3009406,360
ZCS3522Grey11 - 2311 - 162,8002,4709,072
ZCS1801Red19 - 2816 - 221,8801,4739,072
ZCS5543Brown19 - 2816 - 222,0601,57913,925
ZCS1802Blue25 - 3822 - 292,0321,54913,955
ZCS1803Yellow32 - 4329 - 352,8452,29921,360
ZCS1804Aluminum38 - 5335 - 503,0202,33630,455
ZCS6712-50.8 - 662,7752,55732,000
ZCS7852-63.5 - 762,7752,55732,000

A note about dimensions and tolerances

Code Word Cable Cable OD* (in) Slingco Cable Grip Size Range (in) Break Load (lb) Recommended Swivel
Merlin; Trogon; Woodcock; Widgeon; Linnet; Driole336.40.684-0.741ZCS55430.63-0.8830,700ZSW2096
Merlin; Trogon; Woodcock; Widgeon; Linnet; Driole336.40.684-0.741ZCS18010.63-0.8820,000ZSW2094
Merlin; Trogon; Woodcock; Widgeon; Linnet; Driole336.40.684-0.741ZCS17110.50-0.7510,500ZSW2092
Ptarmigan; Stork; Brant; Ibis; Lark397.50.752-0.806ZCS55430.63-0.8830,700ZSW2096
Ptarmigan; Stork; Brant; Ibis; Lark397.50.752-0.806ZCS18010.63-0.8820,000ZSW2094
Ptarmigan; Stork; Brant; Ibis; Lark397.50.752-0.806ZCS17120.75-1.0014,100ZSW2093
Pelican; Tailorbird; Toucan; Hawk4770.814-0.858ZCS55430.63-0.8830,700ZSW2096
Pelican; Tailorbird; Toucan; Hawk4770.814-0.858ZCS18010.63-0.8820,000ZSW2094
Pelican; Tailorbird; Toucan; Hawk4770.814-0.858ZCS17120.75-1.0014,100ZSW2093
Osprey; Parakeet; Dove; Eagle556.50.88-0.953ZCS18020.88-1.1330,700ZSW2096
Osprey; Parakeet; Dove; Eagle556.50.88-0.953ZCS17120.75-1.0014,100ZSW2093

*Check cable OD. Different manufacturer cable OD differ slightly.
Grips and Swivels are matched based upon ultimate break load. When multiple grip/swivel combinations are available, select the combination that matches your project's load requirement and factor of safety.
When pulling conductor overhead it is important to use a swivel with your grips to release torsion.

A note about dimensions and tolerances

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