3k Strap Hoist

Features and benefits

  • ASME B-30-21 compliant
  • 125% working load tested
  • Hi-viz green strap
  • Interlocking pawl lever system
  • Replacement parts readily available
  • Hot stick operable version

Use the Slingco 3k Strap Hoist to splice, dead end, and sag lines. The Slingco 3k Strap Hoist features an interlocking pawl lever system with dual pawl springs for controlled tightening and releasing of the strap and to ensure the hoist is engaged while in use. The strap hoist complies with ASME B-30-21 standard and all units are tested to 125% of load.

The Slingco 3k Strap Hoist uses pressure die castings for a professional look, consistent material properties, and smooth finish. The strap is hi-viz bright green in color for easy visibility. The strap hoist has three operating positions: lift/pull, lower/release, and freewheeling.

Slingco Part No. Type Single Line Capacity lbs (kg) Single Line Lift lbs (kg) Single Line Headroom lbs (kg) Double Line Capacity lbs (kg) Double Line Lift lbs (kg) Double Line Headroom lbs (kg) Tool Weight lbs (kg)
ZLH10504Standard1,500 (680)10 (3)21 (533)3,000 (1,360)5 (1.5)25 (635)11.25 (5.1)
ZLH10524Hot stick operated1,500 (680)10 (3)18 (457)3,000 (1,360)5 (1.5)25 (635)11.5 (5.22)

A note about dimensions and tolerances

Part Number Description Pack quantity For ZLH10504 For ZLH10524
ZLH13609Drum CastingPack of 1XX
ZLH13611Polyester WebPack of 1XX
ZLH13614Holding Pawl CastingPack of 10X
ZLH13926ZLH13926Pack of 10X
ZLH13615Holding Pawl ShaftPack of 1X
ZLH13919Holding Pawl ShaftPack of 1X
ZLH13608Nylon WheelPack of 1XX
ZLH13610Drum ShaftPack of 1XX
ZLH13745Torsion SpringPack of 10XX
ZLH13620Ø 0.125" X 1.25" Roll PinPack of 20XX
ZLH13621Ø 0.125" X 1.5" Roll PinPack of 20XX
ZLH13591Main Frame AssemblyPack of 1X
ZLH13920Main Frame AssemblyPack of 1X
ZLH13560Hook With LatchPack of 1X
ZLH13921Hook With LatchPack of 1X
ZLH13562Eye BoltPack of 1XX
ZLH13616Main Frame RollerPack of 1XX
ZLH13618Ø 0.25" X 2" Roll PinPack of 20XX
ZLH136229/16"-12 Hex Slotted NutPack of 10XX
ZLH13619Ø 0.125" X 0.875" Roll PinPack of 20XX
ZLH13593Idler Roller AssemblyPack of 1X
ZLH13927Idler Roller AssemblyPack of 1X
ZLH13599Yoke CastingPack of 1XX
ZLH13597Yoke Roller ShaftPack of 1XX
ZLH13598Yoke RollerPack of 1XX
ZLH13561Latch Spares KitPack of 10XX
ZLH13617Steel Retaining RingPack of 20XX
ZLH13596Handle AssemblyPack of 1X
ZLH13929Handle AssemblyPack of 1X
ZLH13595Control Casting AssemblyPack of 10XX
ZLH13594Swivel Shackle AssemblyPack of 1X
ZLH13928Swivel Shackle AssemblyPack of 1X
ZLH13592U-Frame AssemblyPack of 1X
ZLH13922U-Frame AssemblyPack of 1X
ZLH13563Loading Pawl CastingPack of 10X
ZLH13924Loading Pawl CastingPack of 10X
ZLH13564Loading Pawl ShaftPack of 1X
ZLH13925Loading Pawl ShaftPack of 1X
ZLH13565Reversing SpringPack of 10XX
ZLH13566Control LeverPack of 10X
ZLH13923Control LeverPack of 10X
ZLH13612U-Frame CastingPack of 1XX
ZLH13613Handle Locking ScrewPack of 10XX
ZLH13918Hot Stick LeverPack of 1X

A note about dimensions and tolerances

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