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Slingco has an ever-expanding line of tools and accessories to make installations safer and easier. Whether an accessory for safe climbing or heavy duty tools to make managing cable reels easier, Slingco is dedicated to providing the best quality tools that are readily available through our network of trusted distributors.

Some featured tools used by contractors worldwide include: Strap Hoists, fiberglass extension arms, glove bags, anchor drive system, Hydraulic and manual crimpers, plus much more. Browse our products listing. Most items in stock and ready to ship to distributors for fast delivery.

Double Locking Snap Hook
Jumper Head Clamp

35KV Jumper Clamp

35KV Jumper Clamps used as a part of jumper cable assemblies to bypass work areas when equipment ...

3k Strap Hoist

3k Strap Hoist

Use the Slingco 3k Strap Hoist to splice, dead end, and sag lines. The Slingco 3k Strap Hoist fea...

Pulling Eye

Anchor Rod Pulling Eye Assembly

Attach guy wire to ground anchors safely. Slingco's Anchor Rod Pulling Eye is used to position an...

Fast banding tool

Banding Tool & Bands

Slingco Banding Tools deliver a fast and easy way to install banding clamps. Designed for fast a...

Hydraulic Crimpers

Crimpers and Dies

Slingco offers mechanical and hydraulic crimping tools for Distribution and Transmission applicat...


Crossarm Accessories

Slingco crossarm accessories include brackets for securing distribution blocks and fiberglass ext...

Dirt Tarps

Dirt Tarps

Slingco’s line of heavy-duty, reusable dirt tarps have been created with safety in mind. Keeping ...


Drive Wrench Assembly

10K Drive Wrench Assembly for installation of screw anchors. Complete tool system has Drive Wrenc...

Fiberglass Ext Arm

Fiberglass Extension Arm



Glove & Sleeve Bags

Protecting your gloves and sleeves is convenient with Slingco canvas bags. Bags feature a hook wi...

Guy Wire Dispenser

Guy Wire Dispenser

Slingco’s guy wire dispenser saves linemen time, effort, and keeps them safe. Efficiently dispens...

Hand Line Hook

Hand Line Tools

Slingco’s Hand Line Tools feature a 3” nylon fiberglass block, with a safe working load limit of ...

Jib Head Adapter

Jib Head Adapter

Jib Head Adapter for mounting arm assemblies and attachments. Designed for square jib for round a...


Pole Light Kit

Slingco’s 360 degree, high visibility Pole Light Kit includes heavy duty frame, ratchet strap, tw...

Pole line suspension clamps

Pole Line Hardware

Choosing pole line hardware is quite often done by ‘closest match’ - choosing the nearest similar...

Pole Puller (Standard and Deluxe)

Pole Puller

Slingco’s pole puller is a must have to comply with today’s safe working practices, reducing the ...


Pole Stand

Slingco’s pole stand is lightweight and compact making it easy to place, remove, and store on you...

Ratchet Cutter

Ratchet Cutter

The Slingco Ratchet Cutter is designed to cut hard cables cleanly and smoothly. The ratchet desig...

Reel Lifter

Reel Lifter

Makes handling large cable reels quick and easy, on-site or in warehouses. The Slingco Reel Lifte...

Rubber Blanket Clamp Pin with clip

Rubber Blanket Accessories

Slingco offers an expanding line of rubber blanket accessories to make securing and attaching rub...

Triplex Dispenser

Triplex Dispenser

The Slingco Triplex dispenser is designed to be permanently mounted for the efficient dispensing ...

Don't see the product you need?

Our range is continually developing and expanding - plus we frequently undertake custom engineering design - so if you don’t see the exact product you need, please contact us with your exact requirements.

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Slingco cable products and assemblies are used in a variety of industries such as Construction, Automotive, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Mining, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Public Utility, the military and the performing arts.
Slingco is a leading supplier of cable protection products for Operators and Service Providers in the Oil and Gas industry. Thousands of configurations to exactly match your well run needs.
Slingco cable pulling grips, cable support grips and swivels are widely specified throughout the power utility industry.
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