Double Eye Split Mesh Lace Closing Support Grips

Features and benefits

  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • Designed for 2 connect/support points
  • Use when the end of the cable is not accessible

Double eye split mesh lace closing, in 304 Stainless Steel, for secure attachment and support where the cable end is not accessible.

Slingco Part No. Range (mm) Lattice Length (mm) Lattice Material Approx. Break Load (kg)
ZCS299812 - 16254304 Stainless240
ZCS299916 - 19254304 Stainless360
ZCS300019 - 25330304 Stainless460
ZCS300125 - 31355304 Stainless730
ZCS300231 - 38381304 Stainless730
ZCS300338- -44432304 Stainless730
ZCS300444 - 50482304 Stainless975
ZCS300550 - 63533304 Stainless1,480
ZCS300663 - 76584304 Stainless1,480
ZCS300776 - 89635304 Stainless2,222
ZCS300889 - 102685304 Stainless2,222

A note about dimensions and tolerances

Slingco Part No. Range (in) Lattice Length (in) Lattice Material Approx. Break Load (lb)
ZCS29980.50 - 0.6310304 Stainless530
ZCS29990.63 - .0.7510304 Stainless790
ZCS30000.75 - 1.0013304 Stainless1,020
ZCS30011.00 - 1.2514304 Stainless1,610
ZCS30021.25 - 1.5015304 Stainless1,610
ZCS30031.50 - 1.7517304 Stainless1,610
ZCS30041.75 - 2.0019304 Stainless2,150
ZCS30052.00 - 2.5021304 Stainless3,260
ZCS30062.50 - 3.0023304 Stainless3,260
ZCS30073.00 - 3.5025304 Stainless4,900
ZCS30083.50 - 4.0027304 Stainless4,900

A note about dimensions and tolerances

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