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Please use the links below to download information about Slingco products and services.

Cablenet Tension Wire Grid

Cablenet brochure

Download our sixteen page Cablenet brochure which provides full details of our virtual floor® system (PDF, 6.8MB).

Download brochure PDF (6.8MB)

Cablenet brochure

Get the facts
Experience spanning five decades, installations on four continents, choice of three systems, the world's two largest grids, and more than one hundred successful installations - if you needed any convincing that we 'walk the walk' then this is it.

Download PDF (6.8MB)

Cablenet PowerPoint

This presentation runs through the relative merits of different types of approach to installing a tension wire grid: the elegant efficiency of single frame or 'long-wire' systems vs. the cheaper but more intrusive modular approach suitable in some rigging venues.

Download Powerpoint presentation (27.2MB)

Cablenet video

We've prepared iPod versions of each of three videos. Use the links below to download to your PC, then just double-click to add to iTunes.

IFEMA installation, Madrid (28.6MB)
BIC Centre, Bournemouth (14.6MB)
The benefits of Cablenet (4.5MB) also available as Powerpoint download above.

Live Performance Swivels

Live performance swivels
Slingco live performance swivels are a high quality safety products, specifically designed for use in flying systems. Features such as aircraft grade, quick release pins, plus matt black finish deliver a high specification product ideally suited for theatrical applications.

Download leaflet PDF (265kb)

Unibar Theatre Winch

Unibar Theatre Winch
The Unibar system allows for quick and easy, controlled raising and lowering of suspension bars for general lifting purposes: stage scenery, curtains, speakers and lighting equipment.

Download leaflet PDF (2.6MB)

Cable Grip

Download brochure PDF - 6.2MBUK & Rest of the World

With information about our company, our design & engineering skills, alongside our full product range, the UK & Rest of the World Cable Installation and Support catalog.

Download PDF

Download brochure PDF - 5.4MBNorth and South America

With information about our company, our design & engineering skills, alongside our full product range, the North and South America Cable Installation and Support catalog.

Download PDF

Pull, Support, ProtectOil and Gas (UK & Rest of the World)

An overview of our cable grips, protectors, restraints and accessories focused on the Oil & Gas industry.

Download PDF

Pull, Support, ProtectOil & Gas (North and South America)

An overview of our cable grips, protectors, restraints and accessories focused on the Oil & Gas industry.

Download PDF

Slingco Cable  Protector leaflet, PDF (631kb)Cable Protectors

Slingco Cable Protectors provide a safe, quick and efficient way of conveying and securing downhole cables into well-bores.

Download PDF

Slingco Cable  Protector leaflet, PDF (631kb)Rigid and Bow Spring Centralizers

We manufacture a range of centralizer products suitable for use in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.

Download PDF

Hydraulic Hose HarnessHydraulic Hose Harness

Safety restraining system designed to prevent whipping in the event of a pressurized hose becoming detached from its fitting

Download PDF

Slingco Lace Up Cable Grip instructions, PDF (573kb)Lace Up Cable Grip instructions

Usage instructions for the Slingco Lace Up Cable Grip, helping you to ensure best grip performance.

Download PDF



To view detailed listings of our current range of garage equipment, download our complete product guide PDF. This download includes Slingco part numbers, OEM references and all you need to place an order for delivery.

Download product guide

Contact us

UK AND REST OF THE WORLD +44 [0]1706 855558


Slingco - winners of The Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2016 ISO9001 | ISO14001

How to find us

Location details for Slingco Limited's UK Head Office and for Slingco America Inc. in Fayetteville, Georgia.

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About Slingco

Established for over 30 years, Slingco produce a wide range of wire rope based engineering products and solutions. We support customers throughout the world, in such diverse industries as mining, civil engineering, architecture, marine, aerospace and transportation.

We offer a huge range of products and services...

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Cable Grip

Slingco is among the world leaders in the design, production and supply of cable pulling and support grips, together with associated products including cable protectors, wellhead connectors and accessories. Cable grips are a quick, efficient way to pull or support ACSR / conductor, electrical cables or rope.

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Cablenet tension wire grid

Cablenet tension wire grids are strong, safe and virtually invisible access platforms used in theatres, studios and concert halls. A Cablenet tension wire grid platform creates a permanent, high level and completely safe ‘virtual floor®’ on which maintenance staff and engineers can work in complete confidence.

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Rampspares garage lift spares

We have over 20 years’ experience of manufacturing and supplying the garage equipment aftermarket with high quality spares for vehicle ramps, garage lifts and vehicle lifting tables of every make and type. We stock parts to suit all major brands, and can also manufacture to order via our 7 day custom service.

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Cable assemblies

We offer a comprehensive range of assemblies including tail lift spares, lifting hardware, blocks and tools, lifting loops and sockets. In addition we produce custom wire rope assemblies and custom mechanical control cables to order, manufactured to order in our 12,000 square feet fully equipped CNC machine-shop.

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