• Slingco Cable Assemblies
  • Slingco Cable Assemblies
  • Slingco Cable Assemblies
  • Slingco Cable Assemblies
Slingco Cable Assemblies Slingco Cable Assemblies Slingco Cable Assemblies Slingco Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies

In addition to the standard industrial and lifting products described below, we're heavily involved in the development of new and innovative engineering solutions. Design is at the core of our business and our in-house product development team uses advanced 3D design and modeling techniques to bring innovative new products to market, as well as testing and enhancing the performance of existing ranges.

Standard assemblies
We offer a comprehensive range of hardware either from stock, or manufactured to order:

  • Commercial vehicle and tail lift spares (cables, torsion bars, hinges etc, to suit all major brands);
  • Lifting hardware, blocks and tools (shackles, turnbuckles, clevices, eyebolts, manual blocks, electric blocks, tools, cutters, feed tubes)
  • Lifting loops and sockets used in the pre-cast concrete structure manufacturing and building industries to aid transportation and placement of structural components conveniently and safely.

Custom cable assemblies
In addition to a standard range available for immediate delivery from stock, we manufacture wire rope assemblies and custom mechanical control cables to order. All custom products are produced in our 12,000 square feet fully equipped CNC machine-shop facility with proof load testing undertaken for both magnetic and dye penetrant flaw detection.

Commercial and vehicle tail lift

We have 20 years of supplying tail lift spares such as cables, torsion bars, hinges etc, to suit all major brands at very competitive cost without compromising quality.

Aerospace control cables

Slingco have supplied control cables for such prestigious aircraft as the Hawkfighter Jet and Sea Harrier, and flight control cables for the 146 aircraft, including throttle cut-off switch cable and handbrake. In addition a variety of assemblies have been supplied for the Sea Harrier and for use within guided missile control mechanisms for the Tornado alarm programme.


We offer a comprehensive range of hardware either from stock, or manufactured to order through our network of precision engineering sub-contractors.

Included in this range are:

  • Shackles: Load rated, including anchor shackles, screw pin anchor shackles, and chain shackles.  
  • Turnbuckles: We offer eye, hook and jaw buckles in a comprehensive range of sizes. In addition too these end attachments, we also supply stub end turnbuckles.
  • Clevices: These can be fitted to specific customer requirements on the end of wire rope assemblies, including threaded adjusters and studded ends. Sizes and types to suit customer requirements for a range of applications.
  • Eyebolts

Available in a number of bolt diameters and shank lengths.   The range of galvanised eye bolts combine regular and shoulder nuts for conventional eye bolts and lag screws.  
The above is just part of the Slingco range, please contact us for other products within the range.

Lifting hardware and blocks

Slingco manufacture a range of manual and electric lifting blocks which conforms to relevant safety standards. Blocks can be used for lifting, pulling and lashing loads.
In addition, we can provide annual insurance inspections through Slingco Inspection Services.

  • Manual blocks: Blocks, snatch blocks, pattern blocks and chain blocks to support various handling applications. Operable through hand chain or a ratchet lever.
  • Electric blocks: Specifically manufactured for the UK market, these high quality, high specification electric blocks are sourced from well known manufacturers. Features include wear resistant asbestos face slipping clutch, hardened chain wheels, 'compact' hardened multi-speed gear with low noise operation, and of course the many safety features expected from a quality supplier.


Used primarily in applications where cables, pipes and wire are being pulled from a central point into its operational location, these items provide additional support.

To allow cables, pipes and wire to be trimmed to the correct length, Slingco supply a range of cutters to assist both safe handling and accurate measurement.

Feed tubes
Used specifically when pulling cables or flacid lines to assist feeding cable into cable grips. Available in a range of diameters and lengths, our feed tubes are colour coded to match the appropriate cable grip sizes, ensuring ease of loading the cable and at-a-glance identification of compatibility.

Lifting loops and sockets

Lifting loops

Lifting loops and sockets are interrelated lifting components which are used in the pre-cast concrete structure manufacturing and building industries to aid transportation and placement of structural components conveniently and safely.

Designed for long life, Slingco lifting loops are manufactured from wire rope clinched firmly into an externally threaded (standard ISO/DIN metric or metric round form thread) steel ferrule which mates on application with a permanently inserted steel socket of the same thread form and size.

The recommended safe working load (SWL) is normally based on a 5 to 1 factor of safety of the wire rope minimum break loading, as per BS1290:1983. By arrangement, a 6 to 1 factor of safety can be offered on metric round form (Rd) type loops.

Proof loading to 2 x (SWL) for the application is the normal practice. A test certificate is issued which can be easily referenced by an attached identification tag.

Lifting sockets

These strong steel tubular sockets are supplied with a through hole below the thread to take a reinforcing bar, located and tied to the main reinforcement in order to provide a secure anchorage point in the concrete. Available in zinc plated steel or stainless steel, each socket is provided with two plastic plug inserts for protection against ingress of concrete or damage to threads.
Note: Lifting loop and socket must be carefully matched to correct thread form and size. (M) Metric ISO threads are not compatible on thread form with (Rd) metric round form threads.
Plastic plugs can be obtained separately.

Wire rope assemblies

A variety of standard wire rope assemblies is available for immediate delivery from stock. In addition, Slingco manufacture non-standard assemblies to meet specific customer requirements using a range of cables to match with any standard end assembly.

The range of assemblies includes:

Slings – in a variety of sizes and types:

  • Poly-plait wire sling: A combination of steel wire rope interfaced with a specially manufactured polypropylene rope cord to create the Slingco poly-plait wire rope sling.
  • Steel woven flat band sling: Fitted with polyester sleeve protection to provide an unbeatable combination.

Drive cables

Manufactured for specific markets, Slingco drive cables are used for the transfer and transport of personal and domestic products in a very demanding quality environment.

Winch ropes

Slingco can supply wire ropes up to 22mm diameter in a range of coatings and finishes, and to any length.   Wire ropes can be fitted with any hook design or size specific to winch requirements. We also offer a range of securing clips which can be used for trailers, drum hoists and other vehicles.


There is an increasing demand for stainless steel marine rigging hardware for use in balustrading, and we have developed a unique range of stainless steel rigging components dedicated to this sector.
Slingco offers comprehensive range of wire rope and fittings for balustrading, staircases and balconies or to suit the specific applications you may have. It ranges from the simplest of finial designs to an extensive range of individual contemporary designs.

Canopy support cables

Slingco produces structural support cables for spaceframe structures, shade structure canopies, commercial awnings and canopies and tensioned fabric structures. We can offer all configurations of steel wire rope which can also be supplied pre-tensioned.

We specialise in custom threaded fittings and adjusters made from stainless steel or galvanised and offer a complete in-house CAD design service so we can work with our customers to make sure they are working with the correct steel wire rope cable assemblies for their particular fabric structure.

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