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Cable pulling and support grips, cable protectors, wellhead connectors, swivels and accessories

Slingco is among the world leaders in the design, production and supply of cable pulling and support grips, together with associated products including cable protectors, wellhead connectors and accessories. We work with customer in Oil and Gas, Industrial and Transmission, and Distribution industries.

Slingco standard cable grips are manufactured from high tensile galvanized or stainless steel wire rope or aramid. A precise, hand-woven construction process, coupled with individual product inspection, ensures a high quality product for reliable, long lasting usage.

In addition to our wide selection of cable grips for standard applications, larger diameters and longer lengths can be woven to special order. Slingco can manufacture very large, custom-made orders including grips with diameters up to 20 inches and breaks exceeding 120,000lbs.

Product quality and integrity is our paramount consideration. Slingco has awards and commendations from industry and customers alike for design and supplier performance.


As well as www.cablegrip.com (North and South America) and www.cablegrip.co.uk (UK and ROTW) we also have market-focused microsites dedicated to the following industries:

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

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Transmission and Distribution

Transmission & Distribution

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Our super-fast GripFinder tool is at the heart of the Cable Grip web site and you can try it right now. Use GripFinder to search through our extensive ranges, covering galvanized and stainless, single/double-eye cable grips with break loads up to 156,000 lbs suitable for pulling/supporting cables with diameters from 0.11" up to 23".

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UK AND REST OF THE WORLD +44 [0]1706 855558


Slingco - winners of The Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2016 ISO9001 | ISO14001


Cable Grip brochureDownload Cable Grip brochures and leaflets for US, UK and rest of the world.


Product range

We offer a complete range of cable grips for every application. This includes medium and heavy duty wire rope slings in a variety of forms including single-eye, double-eye, lace-up, offset-eye, revolving eye; adjustable-eye and open ended; non-metallic grips for use in water, fiber optic applications, offshore or for a multitude of uses in the electrical industry; products for specialist applications such as off-shore, wind turbine and conduit risers; custom pulling grips with large diameters and long lengths woven to special order; and a full range of Slingco accessories to suit different mesh grips including laying rollers, line swivels and feed tubes.

Heavy Duty Cable Grips: Multi weave, high strength, revolving eye.

Light-Medium Duty Cable Grips: Galvanized or stainless steel.

Non-Metallic (Aramid) Cable Grips: For use in harsh conditions.

Metric Cable Grips: For metric cables with longer lattice length.

Cable Support Grips: Support horizontal or vertical cables.

Conduit Riser Cable Grips: For the support of electrical cabling.

Stainless Steel Connector / Box Grips: Support for electric cabling.

Hose Restraints and Marine Cable Grips: Extremely heavy duty grips.

Cable Protectors: Convey and secure downhole cables into well-bores.

Line Pulling Swivels: For underground and overhead pulling..

Accessories: From cable laying rollers to feed tubes.