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As a leading specialist supplier to the offshore industries for many years, we at Slingco have developed a range of cable products designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of the oil and gas industry.

Our ranges are extensive, covering everything from stainless steel or non-metallic cable grips for installing and/or supporting cable (or pipes) of diameters from 3 mm to 300 mm, down-hole cable protectors from 2 3/8" to 7" in diameter, to 10,000 psi rated wellhead connectors for WHO connectivity. And we take immense pride in delivering engineered solutions of the highest quality.

This focus on quality extends across every aspect of our operation. Choose Slingco as your partner supplier and you can be assured of outstanding product availability, a responsive and efficient design and manufacturing team, and a genuine commitment to excellence in customer service.

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Our product catalog includes everything shown on this site, plus our full range of cable grips and other products.

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Slingco is an international business with a 40 year history, serving the world from offices in the US and UK.

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This site shows just a small selection of Slingco products, focused on the Oil Gas Industries. On our Cable Grip websites you can search and browse literally hundreds of cable grips, alongside associated products and accessories.

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